Paris, France (Summer 2019)

We touched down in the mid-afternoon, tired from the over-night Atlantic crossing. After taking care of the aircraft (which took way longer than it should have) and dealing with a lot of French shoulder shrugging, we got into a car and endured a long drive through Parisian rush-hour traffic to the hotel. We had something like 26 hours to sleep, recover and try and make the most of it. I slept for a few hours and then ventured out for an excellent meal (Foie Gras et vin? C’est bon!) Running out of steam, it’s back to the hotel for a proper sleep. By the time, I’d started to feel like a normal human again it was mid-morning, so I took to the streets to take in some cafe culture and explore. Like most places I’ve been (not you, Florida), I wish we could have spent some more time in Paris to explore and relax. But, as the French say, c’est la vie

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