Sandspit, BC (Summer 2019)

We got to spend a little more than 24 hours in Sandspit, BC – a small town in the Haida Gwaii archipelago (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands). The approach in offered stunning views of the islands and mountains. Knowing we were pressed for time to explore we put the airplane to bed and tried to find the lodge we were staying at. With inconsistent cell connection, we drove past our accommodations a few times before randomly turning down a dirt road leading to the lodge. It was filled with loggers and fishermen and has a “don’t expect any service” type of vibe. It reminded me of the early days of my career in Norther Ontario. It was awesome. We dumped our bags in the rooms and changed into our hiking gear. We wandered around the island a bit in the car, making stops to explore and take in the sights. Finally we found what we were looking for: the Dover Trailhead. The 3 hour hike was stunning and complete with giant slugs, lots of (probably poisonous) mushrooms and bear tracks! We made it back and went to dinner. Still on Ontario-time, we were a bit early for dinner. The server apologized and told us we would have to kill some time because the boat with the catch of the day (salmon) was just pulling in the back. A few beers and a round of darts later and I was eating some of the most delicious and fresh fish I have ever had. It was worth the wait. [Photos are a combo of 35mm film and digital]

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